School Cancelled – Please Read!!

Several things here…please read all the way through!


ATTENTION Northern Lights, Starlights and NLO: Because there is no school today due to cold temperatures we have decided to make adjustments to rehearsal today.  Sorry that it took so long to post…we had to wait for confirmation on facilities and other things.  We will be rehearsing today from 2-5pm instead of 6-10.  We’d like to have you home before dark. NO DRESS REHEARSAL.  Please try to find a ride to this very important practice if possible.  Parents: if your child cannot attend, please email or ASAP.


Additionally, if school is cancelled TOMORROW, 2/20, practice will still go on as planned (6:30-10) for the sound check and work with some of our judges.  Mrs. Yoder and I would be there as early as 2pm, if any of you would like to come early to decorate hallways.  Note that we don’t want ANY hall decorating after 10pm!


Because of the missed class time today, and Lyric Lights’ first competition in a week, we are asking ALL LYRIC LIGHTS students to stay after school on Wednesday, Feb. 25 from 4-5 for a rehearsal of your competition music.  We are not comfortable (and we doubt you are either) having you compete with only 3 rehearsals left.  Please know that we hate adding another thing to your already busy schedule, but we have to do what we feel is best for you and what will make you the most comfortable and prepared for next weekend.  Please note that Starlights may also be asked to stay and rehearse due to missed class time.


LYRIC LIGHTS: Please watch the following video for pronunciation and a feel for Y’ver-

After you have watched it, please send an email to  It takes 2 minutes.  You can watch it twice if you’d like.  Please be conscious of the pronunciation of the French and make notes as you see fit.


Other than that, enjoy a nice rest.  See you this afternoon if you’re in NL, SL, or NLO.  Otherwise, we will hopefully see you tomorrow!