NL Practice Schedule THIS WEEK: Note a change


Due to a number of students under the weather and the big weekend we just had, Northern Lights has voted to change the rehearsal schedule this week.  It has been cleared with Mr. Johnson.  Today is no longer a Johnson rehearsal.  Instead, the students will just rehearse from 5:30-8:30, not 4-8:30 as originally planned.  Thursday will be the new Johnson rehearsal, scheduled from 4-8:30, instead of 6-10 as originally scheduled.  Students are asked to bring their own supper on Thursday.

We apologize for this last minute change.  We are hoping that this will be better for the students as we prepare for next Saturday.  We also ask that you encourage your child to get to bed early, since both of the rehearsals this week are ending earlier than normal.  It is very important that your child sleeps as much as possible and gets well if he/she is sick.

Also, note that the NLO rehearsal has NOT changed (6-8:30 Monday, 6-10 Thursday)

We appreciate your flexibility with this!