Better get out your history books…we got something to add!!!

Well everyone, we have a BIG update for you this morning!!! History was made at Norwell Invitational yesterday! Here is a brief update for you 🙂

Day Show:

  • Starlights Best Crew

  • Starlights Best Vocals

  • Starlights Best Visuals

  • Starlights Orchestra Best Band

  • Haley Raber Best Solo in a Show for Women’s Division

  • Syd Dille Best Performer for Starlights

  • Starlights Grand Champion of Women’s Division

  • Starlights make Finals against competing mixed groups

  • Northern Lights Orchestra Best Band

  • Northern Lights Best Visuals

  • Northern Lights 1st Runner-Up for Large School Mixed Division

  • JJ Weber Best Performer for Northern Lights

  • Northern Lights make finals

Finals Show:

  • Northern Lights Grand Champion

  • Starlights First Runner Up

As you can see, great things happened yesterday! This is the first time in Northridge History that Northern Lights has gotten Grand Champion at a regular season contest and that Starlights has beaten mixed groups in the Finals Shows. We are so proud of all the students and the award they have received for all their hard work! Give them a huge high-five next time you see them 🙂 We will be posting the schedule for the week and the State performance times later today.

IMG_1284 IMG_1285 IMG_1287