State Results and What’s happening this week!

Well another Saturday has gone by! Northridge had a crazy time at State yesterday! Starlights came away with 2nd place with SLO getting 2nd as well. Starlights only lost against Plainfield by 1 point. Northern Lights was awarded the 4th place trophy with NLO getting 2nd place within the bands. Mr. Barker, Mrs. Yoder and Mr. Davis are very proud of every single one of the students and the shows that they put on yesterday! We know it was the best they have done this year and that everything was left on the stage and that makes us winners 🙂

Coming up this week a lot will be going on at Northridge as we prepare for FAME. Monday and Tuesday we will be having Corp Tour at NHS. This is a great opportunity for students from all the schools in the district to come experience what Northern Lights, Starlights, Northern Lights Orchestra and Light Works Crew is all about. We are very excited to have this opportunity to perform our shows for everyone. Since we are having Corp Tour, Northern Lights and Starlights practice will be canceled for the week. Students were told that they needed to find out what homework they were missing during this time before hand parents, so please make sure they are doing this as we are going to be very busy.

On Thursday we are having the great honor to perform for show for our fellow high schoolers before we head out to our National Contest in Chicago. This is a great opportunity that the administration has given us and we all are looking forward to it!

Starting Thursday we head out to Chicago with Northern Lights, Starlights, Lyric Lights, Northern Lights Orchestra and Light Works Crew for FAME where we will compete against choirs from all around the country. Friday Lyric Lights will perform against other concert choirs and then Saturday Northern Lights and Starlights will compete. We hope to bring back some nice trophies from all the hard work the students have done recently.

Later this week, we will be posting a packing list for those who were curious of what they needed to bring to FAME. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the directors. Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday: Corp Tour (call time dressed and ready at 8:45 AM…lunch will be provided), NO EVENING REHEARSAL’S

Tuesday: Corp Tour (call time dressed and ready at 8:15…students need to bring their lunch), NO EVENING REHEARSAL’S

Wednesday: NO REHEARSAL’S (Pack for FAME and get rest)

Thursday: NHS Performance and leave for FAME


Friday: Lyric Lights FAME Contest

Saturday: Northern Lights and Starlights FAME Contest

Sunday: Arriving home from FAME