ISSMA Organizational this Saturday…still looking for help

Happy Wednesday!!! First off thank you to all who signed up quickly for the food donations we needed 🙂 A reminder that those need to be dropped off at the Teachers Lounge on Friday by 8:00 PM.  There will be people in the lounge to get everything from you.

Now that we have one sign up complete, we still have one left to take care of (at the bottom of this post). We currently have 11 spots open that we need either students or adults from ANY choir to fill. Out of the 11 spots, 3 of those spots are Adults only. Lets see if we can fill up these spots by the end of today 🙂

For all those who are available on Saturday, please come and watch Chamber Lights, Radiance and Varsity Lights Perform at the High School. This Festival is FREE for everyone and we would love to see all your faces in the auditorium when we go on stage!

Chamber Lights Performance Time: 11:27 AM

Radiance Performance Time: 9:21 AM

Varsity Lights Performance Time: 12:39 PM

ISSMA Organizational Sign-Up