Just a few more Announcements, Please Read!

We forgot a few things we’d like to add that we need everyone to look at! Thank you!

  • To all members of the 2015-2016 Northern Lights: We will be holding our dance captain and Company Manager auditions tomorrow at practice.  If you would like to see the dance captain auditions and help vote in the new Company Managers, we encourage you to join us tomorrow, Monday 5/11, from 6:30-8pm (You may stay and watch the remainder of practice until 9:30 if you would like, as well).
  • As stated in the previous post, tickets are on sale in the front office for our spring show.  You may come in person, have your child buy the tickets, or call 574-825-2142.  We hope to see a lot of family and friends at our last show of the year!
  • NORTHRIDGE CHORAL DEPARTMENT SENIORS: We are working to prepare the senior slideshow for the spring show.  Please email a picture to barkerk@mcsin-k12.org and a bio (no longer than 30 seconds) by Wednesday of this week to make it in the slideshow.  If you can’t do it by Wednesday, let us know ASAP so we can reserve your spot.

Please remember the following upcoming dates as well:

  • Friday, May 22: Spring Show “The Golden Age of Screen and Stage” – 7:30pm
  • Tuesday, May 26: NHS Choral Awards 7:00pm, 2015-2016 Orientation @ 8:30pm…WE ASK FOR ALL STUDENTS AND AT LEAST ONE PARENT TO BE PRESENT AT THIS MEETING
  • Summer Show Choir Dates:
    • Sunday, June 27: 2-4pm, SL Teambuilding. 4-6pm, NL Teambuilding. Icebreaker @ Rayburns (addressed given at a later date) @ 6:30pm
    • Show Choir Camp: July 6-9
      • NL: 9am-2:30pm
      • SL: 3-7pm
    • Camp Show: July 9, 7:30pm

That’s all for now! Have a great week!