Thanks for all who attended Ice Breaker!

We just wanted to thank you all who attended Ice Breaker tonight and thank the Rayburn’s for hosting such a marvelous party! For those of you who were not able to attend, I have attached some links that we discussed below:

Choir Parent Volunteer Sign-Up (Please note that there is a max of 2 contest per adult for chaperoning. Also if you are a Stage Dad that does not mean you are a chaperone)

Fair Fundraiser  (You may sign up for 2 slots. We encourage parents and students to work this event. Each time slot averages about $35 per person, so it would help with a nice deposit towards choir fees)

Northridge Choral Department Required Forms (There was a few individuals that have not turned these in yet. Please do so by the start of Camp on July 6)

Also please remember to write your $20 check for Transportation Fee and $20 check for the deposit on the Choir Fees by July 6th. Both checks need to be made to NHS and under the memo write the students name and where the money is going to. In order to participate in camp on July 6th, these need to be mailed to the school or brought in that day.

Thanks again for all who were able to attend this event to get to know each other, we can not wait to see you all at our show on Thursday July 9th at 7:30 🙂 Have a great week!!!