National Anthem and Demo Derby

All Starlights and Northern Lights that will be participating in the National Anthem on Tuesday and the Demo Derby on Saturday, your tickets will be available at Mrs. Yoder’s house at noon tomorrow. 

Please go to 15816 County Road 18 Goshen, IN and get your tickets out of the basket on the front porch. Students should ONLY take their own tickets and not other students, please make sure you get them as you will have to pay to get in otherwise. Starlights who do not have their shirt yet can also pick these up at Mrs. Yoder’s. We will be meeting at the Dairy Bar 2 on Tuesday at 6:15 in your Starlights/Northern Lights shirt and black shorts. For anyone who wants to watch you, we will be performing at 7:00 at the Grand Stand. 

If you have not signed up for the demo derby, we still have spots left. If you sign up today or later, please let Mr. Barker know immediately so we can get you tickets. The link to the the sign-up is on a previous post. 

Hope everyone has a great week at the fair!!!