Great Opportunity!

Hello, Everyone!

Last week, we sent home sign-ups for voice lessons at the school.  We have two incredible voice teachers here at Northridge: Sandy Hill (Goshen College) and Heidi Ferris (Southwestern Michigan College) .   One of the many benefits of working with these teachers is that lessons can take place during choir class or study hall.  There is no commitment outside of the school day!

This is an opportunity of which we feel very strongly.  In a culture where things are so impersonal, your student gets one-on-one time to work with great teachers to grow and improve in vocal technique, confidence, and character presentation.  We will begin the scheduling process over the weekend.  Be sure to reserve a spot in the schedule by returning the form (see below) by tomorrow (Friday) in the choir room.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

We are excited about the opportunities for our students!

Kyle Barker (

Catherine Yoder (

Voice Lesson Application