Quick few reminders

First off, we would like to thank all the students for their hard work and dedication tonight at the dress rehearsal. With the help of their attention to detail and willingness to do what they were told, we were able to be done right on time this evening 🙂

We do have a few quick reminders for all of the the students and parents in the choir department:

  • Be dressed and ready on stage at 6:00 PM, this does not mean be in the hallway talking at 6:00, it means be in the auditorium ready to perform at 6:00.
  • Check your job list posted in the hall and the choir room. You have 10 minutes after the show to visit with friends and family. After that, everyone needs to be working on their jobs. After your jobs are complete, you must have your area checked by Mr. Barker, Mrs. Yoder, Mr. Davis or the two adult volunteers.
  • Due to the amount of trash that was left in the halls after the rehearsal this evening, there will be NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THE BAND AND CHOIR WING FRIDAY. This means that all students should eat before they come to school. Any food seen in the hall, will be confiscated.
  • The directors highly reccomemd all parents to keep your child’s cell phone during the concert. This will allow the students to focus on the performance, allow the cell phones not to cause issues with the sound system when they are on stage as well as prevent students from receiving a failing grade.
  • Tickets are almost sold out, please call the office in the morning or go in if you have not purchased your tickets yet. There should be some seats available for purchase at the doors, but we reccomemd you to get them from the office in the morning so  that you have them reserved.
  • Poinsettias will be for sale for $10 a piece. You can pick them up after the concert is complete.

Thank you again for all your hard work and we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow  🙂