Invitational is just a few more months away!

As we all prepare for Christmas and New Years, the choir department ends this year by thinking about the next BIG thing going on at Northridge, which is the Northridge Choral Invitational. Our Co-Chairs Melissa Laughlin and Andrea Davis are hard at work getting everything ready with the directors for this big day! For those of  you who are new to the department, this is our LARGEST fundraiser that we do, so we need all hands on deck!

There are two links below, the first is the Parent Volunteer sign-up for the Invitational, this sign-up is for ALL Choir Parents, not just Northern Lights and Starlights. There is something for everyone, so please go on and sign up for one or two shifts to do during the day. If you are interested in a LEAD ADULT Position, please contact Melissa or Andrea. If the Lead Adult position is marked as Pending it is still available.

The second link is for our trophy sponsorships for the Invitational. Please take some time over break and get some trophies sponsored by your friends and family! We would love to see all the trophies sponsored by the middle of January.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for volunteering for this awesome event and we look forward to working with you!!!


Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up


Trophy Sponsorship