Trophy Sponsorship

Hello everyone! On Monday we gave the challenge to have all the trophies sponsored by January 15th. We are happy to tell you that after 4 days, we are half way there!!! The following trophies are still up for sponsorship, let’s see if we can get them all sold over the weekend and have our list full by next Friday šŸ™‚ Remember if a student sells the trophy, a percentage of the money goes into their Choir Fees Account. If you are need to sign up for a trophy or need more papers, please click the link below! For any questions, please talk to Mr. Davis!

Trophy Sponsorship

Trophy’s still available for purchase:

1/2 Best Performers

1/2 Best Performers

1st Runner Up Concert Choir Trophy

1st Runner Up Mixed Trophy

2nd Runner Up Mixed Trophy

3rd Runner Up Mixed Trophy

4th Runner Up Mixed Trophy

Best Instrumental Small School Mixed

Best Tech Crew Large School Mixed

Best Tech Crew Single Gender

Best Tech Small School Mixed

Best Visuals Mixed

Cabaret Cafe Grand Champion

Solo Contest 1st Runner Up

Solo Contest 2nd Runner Up