84…what’s so special about that number?

  • How many years it takes Uranus to orbit the Sun
  • The atomic number of Polonium
  • The ISBN Group Identifier for books published in Spain
  • The code for International direct phone calls to Vietnam
  • The maximal number of regions into which space can be divided by 7 Spheres


84 is the amount of volunteer spots we have left to fill. The Invitational is less then 1 month away and we need everyone to sign up for at least one shift. If you are free that day, sign-up for two shifts 🙂 Lots of families will sign-up friends and family to help as well. Every volunteer receives a wrist band to watch all the show choirs in the auditorium before and after your shift has been worked…that’s a $15 freebie!!! Please click the link below and lets make that 84 go away today!!

Northridge Volunteer Sign-Up