We are looking for you :)

55…what does it mean?

  • Slang term for 55 is double nickels

  • The national maximum speed law used to be 55 mph

  •  Most senior/active adult living communities require someone to be at least 55 to live in them.

  • 55 is the country code Brazil for international calls

  • 55% of people yawn within 5 minutes of seeing someone else


We still have 55 spots left to fill for the Invitational. We are very happy for the 29 people who signed up in the last week, but we have 2 more days to reach our goal. Please share with your family, friends and alumni parents to sign-up today for the Invitational. If you volunteer, you get a FREE $15 wristband to watch choirs for the day!!! Click the link below to sign-up now!


Northridge Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up


The Choir Department is looking for someone to let us borrow a 8×12 enclosed trailer for 6 weekends starting next Saturday. Tony Short is willing to pull the trailer if someone would be willing to let us borrow theirs. With the additional students we have in the department this year, we need more trailer space for costumes. Please let Tony Short or John Davis know ASAP if you are willing to donate your trailer for the next 6 Saturdays starting on February 13th. We really appreciate the support for our kids 🙂