Couple Reminders and DeKalb Schedule

  • Thank you to all the parents who attended the Invitational Meeting as well as the Chaperone Meeting. If you were unable to attend the Invitational Meeting, there are extra packets with the Job Descriptions at the Choir Office for your student to pick up. We still have some spots open for the Invitational, so if you have not signed up yet, please do so. Students will be signing up for their shifts starting today.

Northridge Choral Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up

  • For all those students and parents who are going to the North Central Trip or for parents who were driving down separately and need a room, please click on the link below in concerns to our Hotel arrangements. All students and chaperones need to pay their $25 hotel fee by March 1st, please make all checks payable to MMPA

North Central Overnighter

  • DeKalb Invitational Schedule (Highlighted parts important information for parents)

Call Time @ Northridge High School/Sign-In: 6:30 AM

Depart Time/Leaving Northridge: 6:58 AM

Arrival at DeKalb High School: 8:58 AM

Unload Truck: 9:32 AM

Starlights Dressed and Ready: 10:17 AM

Starlights “Members Only Time”: 10:32 AM

Starlights Meeting in Homeroom: 10:37 AM

Starlights Route to Warm-Up: 10:50 AM

Starlights Official Warm-Up: 10:58 AM

Starlights Performance: 11:26 AM

Soloist to Warm-Up: 1:41 PM

Soloist Perform: 2:10 PM

Northern Lights Dressed and Ready: 3:58 PM

Northern Lights “Member Only Time”: 4:03 PM

Northern Lights Meeting in Homeroom: 4:13 PM

Northern Lights Route to Warm-Up: 4:23 PM

Northern Lights Official Warm-Up: 4:28 PM

Northern Lights Performance: 4:56 PM

Day Show Awards: 6:15 PM

Choir Night Show Finals: 7:30 PM

Final Awards: 11:15 PM

Depart from DeKalb High School: 12:00 AM

Arrive at Northridge High School 1:30 AM