2016-2017 Choral Auditions are Complete!

Hello, Everyone!

We are very pleased to announce that this was the highest quality round of auditions for choir that we have EVER had.  We are so proud of everyone who came and auditioned for a competition ensemble, as well as all of those in general who have elected to stay in choir next year!

With all of this great talent, it should also be noted that there were almost 150 auditions for show choir alone.  While we are excited at this number, we need to be up front and remind everyone that there were only approximately 85 spots available for the show choirs.  It is important for those that don’t make a show choir that you stay involved in choir, because any openings that may occur will only be filled by students who are in choir.

We are finalizing the lists for all these choirs.  It is taking some time, as this is another record-setting year for us in terms of auditions.  The lists will be posted sometime this weekend.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy this nice day off as we begin Spring Break!