Golds at State Quals! And The Weekly Schedule

Congratulations to Starlights and Lyric Lights!!  Both groups earned Gold ratings from all judges (this makes the 3rd year in a row that ALL choirs from Northridge High School have received a Gold rating at contest this year!), and some of our scores were very high.  However, neither group qualified for State Finals next weekend.  We are so very pleased with how both groups performed yesterday.  We will watch the performances tomorrow in class.  Once again, congratulations on incredible performances today.  We are so proud of you!

Just a few announcements/reminders for this week:

  • SL will need dance shoes for class tomorrow.  No Tuesday rehearsal this week.
  • NL Co-President elections and dance captain auditions will be this Thursday during practice. All students auditioning for Dance Captain and going out for Co-President will need to stay for 5 minutes after NL rehearsal tomorrow evening for a brief meeting.
  • SL and NL students were given information and applications for a scholarship to the Show Choir Camps of America summer camp this summer.  Those applications are due by This Wednesday. Even if you do not receive this scholarship, we HIGHLY recommend this summer camp for anyone interested in meeting show choir students from around the country and learning from some of the best directors and choreographers around!
  • NLO will resume rehearsals this week beginning on Tuesday, 6:30-9:30

Weekly Schedule:

  • Monday: NL 6:30-9:30
  • Tuesday: NLO 6:30-9:30
  • Thursday: NL 6:30-9:30