Trophy Sponsorship

Hello everyone! We are doing Trophy Sponsorship once again for the Invitational. By sponsoring a trophy, the sponsor will get there name on the trophy and be announced throughout the Invitational on February 18th.

If you go to the Invitational Tab and click on Trophy Sponsorship there are forms that you can print off and fill out for the Sponsorship. Please make all checks payable to MMPA and in the memo mark it as Trophy Sponsorship. Every trophy that a student sells, 15% of the trophy cost will go into their student account.

After you sponsor a trophy, please click the link below and mark it as taken and in the comment section, write down the student who sold the trophy and who the trophy is being sponsored by. For example if Claire got Subway to sponsor a trophy. I would go and mark it online as sponsored and in the comment section I would write Claire Davis, Middlebury Subway.

For any questions, please contact Mr. Davis 🙂


Trophy Sponsorship Link

Some ideas of who to sponsor:

  • Family
  • Clubs
  • Organizations
  • Class (Sponsored by the Senior Class, Junior Class etc.)
  • Memorials