Weekly update

Hello everyone! Thank you to all who supported the Choral students at the musical this weekend! It is great to see our students using their talents in so many fields. Thank you also to everyone who attended our meetings on Tuesday, for those who were unable to attend we will have a post later to discuss a little of what we spoke about at the Northen Lights and Starlights meeting. We only have a couple updates and our schedule. Make sure you check the calendar Tab for all up to date schedules. 

  • January Choir Fees are due this week! Please make sure you turn these into the choir office by the 15th. 
  • We still have lots of spots open for the Invitational, please sign up for a shift or two and share the sign up with your friends and family.
  • Our trophy sign up is getting filled fast, let’s see if we can sell the rest by the end of this week!!!
  • Northern Lights have Johnson Rehearsals Friday and Saturday. A parents will be in touch regarding meals.
  • All Choir Parent meeting will be on February 7th 

Monday: Northern Lights 1 to 5

Tuesday: Northern Lights 4-6 and Starlights 6:30 to 9:30

Wednesday: Northern Lights and Starlights 4-6

Thursday: Starlights 5:30-7:30 and Northern Lights 8-10

Friday: Northern Lights Johnson Rehearsal from 4-10

Saturday: Northern Lights Johnson Rehearsal from 9-5
Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up

Invitational Trophy Sponsorship