Busy times ahead!

We have had a busy week in the Choir Department! The show choirs are working hard as they prepare for their first contest in 17 days, all the ISSMA students are getting ready for Solo and Ensemble and when that is not happening we are all getting a lot of rest! We wanted to say Thank You to all the parents who helped out with meals for the Johnson Rehearsals this weekend. It is a HUGE help to have that taken care of.

  • Bishop Dwenger: All the students should have heard the announcement this week about Bishop Dwenger. We are taking all students who are interested to the Bishop Dwenger Show Choir Invitational this Saturday for the Night Show Finals. This is a great opportunity for the new students to experience what a show choir night show will be like and it is a great time of bonding for the groups. If you are interested, please fill out the form that is available in the choir room. Parents need to sign the form to give permission for your students transportation to the event.
  • Invitational Volunteers where are you??? We still need a large amount of volunteers for the Invitational. If you have not signed up yet and have a student in the Choir Department, please do so ASAP. If you have signed up and plan on staying all day already, please go ahead and sign up for another slot. Invite your family to sign up for a shift for the Invitational, your neighbors, your friends…basically invite everyone you know!!! Let’s see if we can fill up 50 slots by Friday 🙂
  • We still have a few Trophy Sponsorships to be filled. Please get these last few slots filled. Please remember that the students who sell the trophies get 15% of the funds back into their student accounts. We don’t have that many trophies to be sponsored and we would love to see them gone by the end of the day!!! Please make all checks payable to MMPA and turn them into the Choir Office ASAP.

Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up

Trophy Sponsorship Sign-Up