Couple Updates

Here are a couple updates from the Parent Meeting we had yesterday…this is a lot of information, so please read it all…there will be another next in regards to DeKalbs Invitational.

  • All Senior Parents $45 is due Friday for all Senior Banners
  • We had a donation of 3 pigs for the Northridge Invitational next week. We are asking that anyone who is available meets at the Rhodes home next Friday at 5 PM. Please see Melissa Laughlin for more questions
  • Below is a note regarding the Contest rules for parents from the directors
    • An IMPORTANT reminder for all show choir parents & fans.  NO video of any show choir performance can ever be posted on any social media!  Photos may be posted.  Photography without a flash and videos with your phone are usually permitted at a competition.  Please read each school’s rules to verify.  Violations can result in disqualification and/or substantial fines.
      Also, NO scores from any competition can be shared or posted on any social media!  Placings are fine to post. Violations can result in disqualification and a revoking of our membership in ISSMA.  We could no longer compete or participate in any ISSMA event, including band and choir. 


  • The link below is in regards to the North Central Overnighter. If you have a student in Northern Lights, Starlights, NLO/SLO or Light Works Crew or if  you are chaperoning North Central, you will need to follow the instructions.
  • Parents, if you ordered Fan Shirts, they will be ready to pick up by the end of this week. If you have not ordered a shirt yet and are interested, we are doing another order. All orders and payments are due by February 17th.