Parents and Students are you ready to race?

Students and Parents:

Are you ready for a battle between the two of you? The MMPA has graciously planned this great Fundraiser for the Choir Department to have which includes Pork Burgers, Corn on the Cob and Dippin Dots at the Middlebury Summer Fest this weekend! As all of you know, a Northridge Choir Event cannot be done without the support from all of you. 

Students, we have 19 spots that need to be filled. Parents we have 16 spots that need to be filled. Let’s see who can fill up the spots the fastest by tonight at 9 PM!!! The shifts are short and the people are a blast to be around. This gives you a great opportunity to get to know others in the Department!

All you have to do is click your designated link below and sign-up today! Parents after you sign yourself up, go ahead and click the student link to sign your student up too, save you gas to the Summer Fest!


Student Sign-Up
Parent Sign-Up