Important information about pictures this week!

Varsity Lights pictures will be during class time this Thursday, October 26th.  The guys will need to bring black dress shoes and black socks.

Chamber Lights and Radiance pictures will be this Friday, October 27th during class time and they will need a black knee length dress, tan panty hose and black closed- toe dress shoes. 

Starlights will have their pictures taken during class time on Thursday, October 26th.

N\LO/Crew pictures will be immediately after school on Friday, October 27th

Northern Lights and Lyric Lights will have their pictures taken during class time on Friday, October 27th.

Also remember,  if your child is in more than one choir and you wish  pictures from each choir, you will need a separate envelope for each choir you wish to order pictures from.  If your child is in Starlights, Lyric Lights and Northern Lights and you want pictures from all three choirs, you will need to fill out three envelopes.  If you need additional envelopes, have your child pick one up from the choir room.