Updates this week from the Choral Department

MMPA meeting this Tuesday, December 12th at 7:30 PM in the choir room.  Please come to find out about upcoming events for the season for the choral department.  Many topics to discuss.

 2018 Show Choir Competition Schedule

These are the competitions for show choir for the year 2018.  Please note, to sign up to chaperone, you must have all your volunteer forms completed and on file with the Choral Department.  Please check only one box per competition selection or your response will not be counted.  Parents, for the overnight trip to North Central, a $35.00 fee PER STUDENT must be paid in advance.  Any checks need to be payable to MMPA.  In the comment section of the check, please put the student’s name.

**On a side note, this is my first time using Survey Monkey so hopefully it will work right! If not we’ll try another format for collecting responses for chaperoning.**

Feb. 10 – DeKalb – NL/SL/NLO/LW

Feb. 24 – Franklin Central- NL/SL/NLO/LW

March 2-3 – North Central – NL/SL/LL/NLO/LW (Overnighter)

March 10 – Brownsburg – NL/SL/LL/NLO/LW

March 18 – Franklin Central (State Finals)