2018 Northridge Invitational Feb 17, 2018

First off thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Invitational! You should be receiving reminders closer to the Invitational of when your shift is. We do have spots to fill, so please click on the link below and help us get those taken care of today 🙂

One of the biggest spots that need taken care of is Clean Up Crew. Most of our students will get to the school on Saturday between 5 and 7 in the morning, host their choirs all day and then perform. It is very helpful if we have a large clean up crew to help clean things up at the end of the night to make it easier on the directors and students. Last  year we had a full sign up for the Clean Up Crew and it only took us about an hour after Northern Lights performed to be cleaned up and out of the building. If you are planning on being at the school Saturday evening already and wouldn’t mind helping us put stuff away and pick up, please click the link below and fill up our volunteer slots, but especially the Clean Up Crew 🙂