2018 Northridge Invitational

Calling all choir parents!  We need you!  Yes you!  Our invitational held this year on February 17, 2018 is fast approaching!  We have a position for everyone!  This event will not happen successfully if we don’t all pitch in.   We still have 119 spots open that need to be filled.  119!!  You can sign up for more than one shift if you like.  The shifts are short and you meet a lot of wonderful people!!  If you have any questions on what any of the volunteer positions consist of, please call or text the Invitational Chair, Melissa Laughlin @ 574-536-4012.

Quite frankly, speaking for myself, it was really overwhelming to me (as an incoming freshman parent in 2013) and I was afraid of “getting roped in to”  committing to something where I  wasn’t sure exactly what it was I was committing to!  That being said, you may also contact me and I’ll answer any questions I can!  If I can’t answer it, I’ll find you an answer!  Please don’t be afraid to volunteer!  You can reach me via text or phone call at 574-596-4832.

It is really nice hearing other schools say what a great Invitational Northridge has!  This can’t happen without you!  Please, don’t delay, sign up today!!!

Please sign up at the link found below:

2018 Northridge Invitational Volunteer Signup