Updates for the week from the Choral Department

From Mr. Shafer:

Invitational Volunteer Shifts 

Every student who is not in a show choir needs to sign up for a 2-hour shift to work at the Invitational. This will help ensure this event is a successful one for the entire department. If you do not sign up for a shift and no conflict has been presented to Mr. Shafer or Mrs. Yoder, you will be assigned a time! 


Invitational Hosting Request Form 

All show choir students, NLO, and crew need to fill out the hosting request form. Please let us know your top 3 schools you would like to host and 3-4 people you would like to host with. If you do not fill out this form, you will be assigned to a group or placed where we need you the most. 



2018  Northridge Choral Department Senior Banners 

All seniors should have received a form with a proof of their senior banner. ALL forms must be returned fill out (whether you are purchasing one or not) to Mr. Shafer or Mr. Yoder by Friday, February 9th. We need this week of lead time to get them printed for the Invitational on February 17th! If you are purchasing your banner, please include you payment at that time. Checks can be made payable to Northridge High School.

Preston Shafer

Director of Choirs