Show Choir Update For Next Year!

TO: Cast Members & Families of the 2021 Northridge Show Choirs

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Happy Monday to you all! We hope you are doing well, given our current circumstances, and are safe and well!

This message is to keep you updated on various topics regarding next year in show choir, and to help you best plan as much as we are able. Answers to every topic are not yet known, but this message is to tell you what we DO know.

PLANNING FOR NEXT YEAR: Our school corporation has a policy of no practices until the end of June. As such, we are altering the rehearsal and meeting calendar to adjust. Our meeting, originally scheduled for today, will be JULY 8th at 6:30pm. Also, summer show choir preview camp will be held from JULY 13th through 17th. Please make a note of these changes.

COMMUNICATION: All information and communication will be coming via the website, at There will no longer be official information going through Facebook or Twitter. These social media sites will be to promote events and focus energies on marketing for our concerts, fundraisers and events. For now, questions and inquiries need to come through directors. Please make sure you E-MAIL BOTH DIRECTORS at AND

It came to our attention that many did not have a chance to complete an application prior to the last day of school. We are extending applications for both until THE END OF THIS WEEK. Pass the word there is still time! Applications can be found

Each day brings new and different possibilities and possible changes for our plans for next year. Our plan is to continue on and adjust as necessary. We will have MUCH MORE COMING, and thank you in advance for your patience and grace. If it does not come from directors, consider it rumor and not necessarily fact.

Yours in song,
Mr. Baker

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