This Week, NCI, & COVID-19

I hope you all are well. I simply cannot express to you the nature of my heavy heart as I write this message. I will skip right to the point: This morning we learned Mrs. Manglos tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and yesterday we learned Mr. Cox had also tested positive. Despite showing no symptoms, I am required to quarantine at home for the rest of this week and possibly next due to working in close proximity with Mrs. Manglos for 15 minutes or more at a time. We also are learning of possible choral student infections today as well. As a result, there have to be many changes to our schedule this week.

Starting with the biggest change, Mr. Wood and Mrs. Allen made the difficult decision to cancel this weekend and postpone our choral invitational this Saturday. I will begin looking at dates after spring break or virtual solutions to allow our students opportunities for performance. This evening’s rehearsal with Starlights and dress rehearsals Thursday will also need to be cancelled. All of this is to allow anyone that may develop symptoms time to be tested and to not further infection. We need to keep everyone as safe from infection as possible. Not to mention, keeping visitors, parents, and students from other schools safe as well!

Knowing how much time and energy so many people have invested, my heart breaks for not only the students, but also the parents and volunteers. I have spent the last few hours on the phone this morning with many of you who have expressed support and undying love for our students to make this happen. I am hopeful a reschedule will happen. 

Please know if you are receiving this you are loved by many. Nothin’ but love.

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

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