NCI Update & March 20th

To give you the most accurate information I have decided to send this message as soon as possible. The following is an excerpt from an E-mail I received from Mrs. Allen:

I am sure you and Sandy are feeling the repercussions of the quarantine issues that have arisen from the Beech Grove Show Choir Invitational.  Due to the number of kids and adults who are quarantined and/or have tested positive, I am sorry to tell you that I am going to withdraw our request to the Elkhart County Health Department to have the NHS Choir Invitational on March 27 and canceling the NHS Choir Invitational.  There could still be parents, kids, and even staff who are affected by the trip this past weekend even that far away.  The hardest part of this for me is the disappointment for you, the kids, MMPA and all of the work all of you have done to make it happen.  
I am very sorry.

In my reply, I asked about our participation in contests March 20th, Mrs. Allen replied:

The issue is now that I fear we are still not finished with choir kids testing positive who are currently quarantined.  We are still waiting for test results from students and adults who were on the trip.  Every time someone new tests positive, all of the kids and adults who would be close contacts with any of them will have to quarantine even longer. The risks are too great for travel like this at this time.   Consequently, I cannot approve the NHS Show Choir March 20 trip.  I am so very sorry, Dan.

Since I’ve known her, Mrs. Allen has been such a huge support to our programs. She simply would not make these decisions to punish us, but instead to keep us safe. Not to mention, this prevents us from infecting our contest or any venue we would visit turning them into super spreader events.

I am still attempting to process all of this, and I do not have words to say regarding what happens next. One thing that comes to mind, is that I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication. My wish right now is that we respect the quarantine and stop this spread within our organization. If you are ill and even if you are just quarantined, stay home; I am praying for health and peace for all of us. 

Thank you for reading this and respecting the decisions our administrators must make for our school’s safety.

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

Quarantine & Other News

I hope you all are having a good evening. Like many of you, this year has seemed like one setback after another. I never thought my last time in person this week with students was to be in rehearsal Monday night telling them, “Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.” Although it is not my quote, I feel it even stronger now. 

Below is the official announcement from our school system and information:

Hopefully by now you are all aware of the difficult decision made to quarantine all show choir students/staff.  This decision came after we were made aware that several individuals who attended the competition on Saturday have tested positive for COVID-19.  While we are fairly certain that we had quarantined all those individuals who had exposure to the initial positive person, nothing is foolproof, unfortunately, and with a few more individuals having positive test results this week, we decided to do the safest thing and eliminate any risk of additional exposures.

Unless your student has already been contacted about an exposure from this week, your student may return to school on Monday, March 15. 

Again – if the school had already contacted you about a specific exposure that happened this week at school, please reference the return date from that exposureAll others may return on the 15th.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this chaotic time. Please know that the safety of our MCS students and families is our #1 priority. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dana Clark Director of HR Middlebury Community Schools


Also, due to the number of quarantines and cases, all rehearsals and performances will be cancelled next week. We will begin again Monday, March 15th. This is for the safety and health of not only our students, but also the hosts of the contest we were to attend. I want to make sure when we are back, that we are 100%. 

That being said, earlier today I contacted contest sites on March 20th to see if we can add a contest in addition to Carroll. I am happy to report Bishop Dwenger has shifted their schedule and are adding both show choirs to their performance list. Our contest season is not done and we will not stop fighting for our students and to give them opportunities for excellence.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Yes, this is a rough period, but we simply will not give up as long as we can have safe performances. Have a great night.

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

NCI Update & Date Change

Good evening!

I wanted to update you, as soon as I was able, on what we are working on for our invitational. We have secured our building for a MARCH 27th contest, and are planning to move forward with a similar or identical schedule on that day. We hope you are able to join us on that day, and I am very thankful already for your flexibility. This is pending approval from our administration and also from the Elkhart County Board of Health. Not to mention the visiting schools, judges, etc…

Thanks for your patience, and more to come soon!

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

This Week, NCI, & COVID-19

I hope you all are well. I simply cannot express to you the nature of my heavy heart as I write this message. I will skip right to the point: This morning we learned Mrs. Manglos tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and yesterday we learned Mr. Cox had also tested positive. Despite showing no symptoms, I am required to quarantine at home for the rest of this week and possibly next due to working in close proximity with Mrs. Manglos for 15 minutes or more at a time. We also are learning of possible choral student infections today as well. As a result, there have to be many changes to our schedule this week.

Starting with the biggest change, Mr. Wood and Mrs. Allen made the difficult decision to cancel this weekend and postpone our choral invitational this Saturday. I will begin looking at dates after spring break or virtual solutions to allow our students opportunities for performance. This evening’s rehearsal with Starlights and dress rehearsals Thursday will also need to be cancelled. All of this is to allow anyone that may develop symptoms time to be tested and to not further infection. We need to keep everyone as safe from infection as possible. Not to mention, keeping visitors, parents, and students from other schools safe as well!

Knowing how much time and energy so many people have invested, my heart breaks for not only the students, but also the parents and volunteers. I have spent the last few hours on the phone this morning with many of you who have expressed support and undying love for our students to make this happen. I am hopeful a reschedule will happen. 

Please know if you are receiving this you are loved by many. Nothin’ but love.

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

Beech Grove Results

According to, both Northridge groups placed in the top three in their divisions after yesterday’s performances! Both Starlights and Northern Lights placed 2nd Runner Up at the contest. Congrats to all of our students!

We are relying on this information as Beech Grove was unable to host a video of the awards. Moving forward, we are excited to host our own Northridge Choral Invitational next Saturday!

Heading Home!!!!


After two fantastic performances by all of our students, we will be headed back to Northridge and back on schedule per our original itinerary. Huntington was unable to accommodate their schedule despite our willingness to forgo a warmup time and holding prep time. Health concerns in a tight schedule were the primary reason.

We are very proud of our students and are excited to host our competition next weekend!

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

Beech Grove Update (While On The Road)


Our goal as educators is to give students as many opportunities for excellence and learning as possible.

That being said, on our way to our Beech Grove, we were contacted by another competition to fill an empty performance slot. After talking to our principal, Mr. Wood, he was supportive of an additional opportunity. This contest is Huntington North, and would be technically on our way home north, with a slight detour east to Huntington.

We are aware this might cause issues creating additional delays in students coming home, they will still be coming home earlier than a pre-COVID competition. 

As of now, we are waiting to hear from the Huntington director to ensure our times and details. I will forward these along as they happen.

Thanks for your understanding and grace as we attempt to give our students additional opportunities.

Yours in song,

Mr. Dan Baker

Save The Date: Mattress Fundraiser is October 17th!

The Northridge High School Choral Program Mattress Fundraiser is coming soon. There will be 30 different styles of beds on display for customers to try.  The beds are new, brand name, made to order, available in all sizes, and cost less than retail stores. In addition to beds, there will also be luxury pillows, sheets, adjustable power bases and even massage chairs!! Please share this information with family and friends!  

Check out this cool video to see how it works:


Here is the link to the Facebook event, where we will post about our products, payment options, and other event information: FACEBOOK LINK.  Click “GOING”!  “INVITE” your friends! “SHARE” our posts!

Fall Festival Volunteers & Donations Needed!

This message is from members of our parent booster organization, MMPA (Middlebury Music Parents Association)

Fall is right around the corner and as of now, the Middlebury Fall Festival is a go!  

For those of you who are new to the program, this is an excellent opportunity for MMPA to funds to help offset out of pocket expenses for all choirs.  We would love to work with you at the festival, which is held downtown Middlebury, as we will be offering pork burgers and chili at the MMPA booth on Friday, September 11th from 8:00 am to 8:00pm. and Saturday, September 12 from 8:00 am to 6:00pm.  Please note that there is a sign up link for volunteer shifts and a separate sign up link for donations.

If you have questions, contact any of the MMPA Officers/Leaders. You will find their contact information under “Parents & Volunteers”, then “Have a Question?” tabs or just CLICK HERE.


Forms Are Available Now!

Course Syllabi and all required forms are available now by CLICKING HERE or go to the “Students” section of the website!

SHOW CHOIR STUDENTS: Forms and paperwork are to be turned into the tray in the choir room on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (August 12th)!

ALL CONCERT CHOIRS: After the first class meeting, all forms and paperwork are due by the NEXT CLASS in course tray in the choir room. (Green Classes: August 14th & Gold Classes August 17th)!