Radiance is an all-women’s concert/show choir consisting of 50 young ladies in grades 9-12.  This group of ladies focuses on the fundamentals of proper vocal technique using two and 3-part music.  They also learn the fundamentals of choreography to help prepare for future years in the program.  Radiance is directed by Kyle Barker and assisted by Catherine Yoder

2015-2016 Cast

Elizabeth Abel
Taylor Bloss
Lisa Bloss
Haley Bond
Laura Chiquito
Chelsie Cupp
Kylena Day
Kayla Drake
Nia Esparza
Andrea Garcia-Estrada
Bethsua Garcia-Martinez
Maycie Gibson
Tylee Green
Danielle Hapner
Jaime Hart
Brooklyn Hobson
Caitlyn Kierpiec
Samantha Klawiter
Cattie-Brie Legg
Cassidy Mansfield
Nikki Maust
Cheyanne Miller
Britney Moore
Elisa Peters
McKenna Pettifor
MaKenna Pfeil
Hileh Pieper
Claire Presley
Emma Reilly
Jean Rivers
Kayla Rogers
Brianna Rutter
Anna Sanzhura
Valaree Shanholt
Patience Simmons
Anjlie Soni
Riley Troyer
Danielle Vollmer
Rebekah Waggoner
Chloe Wert
Selena Wiltse
Breanna Woolwine
Cheyann Yeshe
Destyne Yoder