Varsity Lights


For the first time in several years, Northridge High School is proud to offer a men’s choir for the 2014-2015 school year and the years to come.  Varsity Lights is an intermediate men’s group consisting of approximately 40 men in grades 9-12.  They are both a concert and show choir, learning basic fundamentals of both mediums and performing at concerts, ball games, and other events.  Varsity Lights is directed by Kyle Barker and assisted by Catherine Yoder.

2015-2016 Cast

Robert Alonzo
Lawrence Andrade
Quentin Basnaw
Aleksander Chapman
Arik Chevalier
Eric Colglazier
Tyler Doutlick
Jackson Erekson
Samuel Geib
Zachary Gibbs
Philip Gifford
Leon Good
Austin Hansen
Brayden Harshberger
Daniel Hunt
Brock Ireland
Noah Joslin
Bryce Justice
Carson Kauffman
Brice Key
Turner King
Landon Kirk (sem. 2)
Nolan Laughlin
Alex Miller
Brandon Miller
Jacob Moen
Tim Mumford
Tyler Overmeyer
Charlie Owens
Reece Palmer
Janson Rayburn (sem. 2)
Cole Robbins
Jonah Short
Eric Sommers
Isaac Thomas
Alex Todd
Mitchell Troyer
Terry Vincent
Kyle Wade
Larry Waldron
Jesse Wood