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CLICK HERE for the show choir application. There is a show choir guidelines attachment in the application. You will need to bring the last page to auditions giving your student permission to audition.

CLICK HERE for the guidelines. DO NOT LET THE FEE for show choir keep you from auditioning. We have ways to help you out.

CLICK HERE for the audition song CLICK HERE for the accompaniment CLICK HERE to listen to vocals sing the song. FYI- this gives you an idea, no judging. 🙂

CLICK HERE for the folder to videos of the dance and different speeds in which you can practice.


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CLICK HERE for the State Competition procedures, food information, maps. Not everything applies to you.

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Parents, I hope you are ready to cheer on these amazing students. Rest those vocal cords. WE NEED YOU! ❤


Last weekend is a competition to remember. The Northridge Choir Family (KL, SL, NL, NLO, LWC, PARENTS) swept the competition at Columbia City. It was an amazing day for everyone involved. The students put their heart and soul out on the stage. The parents were blowing out vocal cords cheering for all the wonderful kids performing (SL, NL, NLO, and LWC). It was a fantastic day that revealed the talents of our students. All three divisions will have their names placed on an Inaugural Cup that will remain at Columbia City. I want to thank everyone who supported us in one way or another, whether you were there in person or taking the time to watch us on the livestream. I am truly blessed to be part of a wonderful choir family. ❤

We are headed to STATE this following weekend, March 19,2022 at Franklin Central High School. Starlights will perform at 11:45 am and Northern Lights will perform at 5:30 pm. Come and support and cheer on our students as they perform their show at their last competition!


Knight Lights: Grand Champion, Best Vocal, Best Visuals, Best Crew, Best Male soloist (Noah Troyer), and Best Performer (Alli Steele)

Starlights: Grand Champion, Best Vocals, Best Visuals, Best Band, Best Crew, and Best Performer (Lexi Lopez)

Northern Lights: Grand Champion, Best Vocals, Best Visuals, Best Band, Best Crew, Best Male Soloist (Drew Stahly), and Best Performers (Kenya Gillard, Carlie Weaver)

Solo Competition Grand Champion: Josiah Cross

Letter of Appreciation to our Choral Family (parents, students, and everyone who helped in one way or another at our NCI)

I just wanted to take a moment, and share what I have been able to witness today, here at Northridge High School.  The amount of hard work, dedication, energy (at times, extreme high levels of energy, not sure how they do it), commitment, the personal giving and care, and generosity that goes into pulling off a day like today, it is overwhelming!  The Northridge High School Show Choir Invitational is a must to see if you have never been.  To all the volunteers, you have my utmost respect and admiration (if I began to state every position that the volunteers take part in, I am sure I would end up leaving someone out, and that, I do not want to do), I salute you all!  I was able to watch several of the schools perform on stage, and they were truly amazing! Thankfully, I was able to watch both Northridge High School and Northridge Middle School show choirs, and they absolutely blew me away!  The Middlebury Community Schools family should be very proud of all the volunteers and all the choir members and their families, that put so much hard work, into making something so wonderful to watch!  Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of it.


​Sgt Gary Smith

Middlebury Community Schools Police

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HELPED OUT AT OUR INVITATIONAL! This would not have been a success without YOU! Our choral department appreciates all the time and effort that YOU put into this event. We love you!


Call Time: 10:35 am

Buses Leave: 11:00 am sharp!!

Student/Performer Entrance: Door #2

Equipment Drop off: Door #47

Spectator Entrance: Door #33 or you can enter Door #2

Bring Money just in case we stop somewhere to pick up food. Also, it says that we will arrive at Avon at 3:45 pm, which is an approximate time, it may be closer to 4:15-4:30 pm. Thank you!

CLICK HERE for the itinerary


CLICK HERE to sign up to volunteer

CLICK HERE for performance schedule

We, the music staff are now pleading for your help. We have several spots that still need to be filled. Our kids deserve and rely on your help to make this event successful. Please consider signing up for a shift. If you are concerned about missing your student’s performance, don’t be, we will figure it out. Thank you!


Saturday, February 19th

Starlights performs at 10:00 am

Northern Lights performs at 8:15 pm

CLICK HERE for the livestream

CLICK HERE for the itinerary/instructions

CLICK HERE for the food being offered at Dekalb

The kids are ready to go! ❤


Starlights: Grand Champion, Best Vocals, Best Visuals, and Best Band

Northern Lights: Grand Champion, Best Vocals, and Best Band

Congratulations to these wonderful students (Starlights, Northern Lights, NLO, and LWC). We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. ❤