The Middlebury Music Parents’ Association (MMPA) provides financial and administrative support for all the choir programs of Middlebury Community Schools. In a typical year we raise and disburse over $100,000. These funds help keep the fees charged to the students as low as possible and provide scholarships so that the program is accessible regardless of individual families’ financial position. The funds also go toward music licenses, choreographers, vocal clinicians, travel expenses, costumes, props, stage equipment, instruments, etc.

While hardly one of the largest or best-funded programs competing, the Northridge high school show choirs have consistently proven themselves to be among the best. The 2021/2022 season held multiple first place finishes and culminated in a trip to the state competition in Indianapolis, where both the all-girl (Starlights) and mixed (Northern Lights) show choirs took 2nd place in their respective divisions. Both choirs won the Indiana State competition and also qualified to compete in a national competition during the 2022/2023 season.

Financial support and donations from community businesses are always appreciated and go a long way toward keeping the program successful. Specific needs for the coming year include donations for our silent auction fundraiser, funding for our trip to Branson, Missouri for a national competition this spring, and savings toward the replacement of the gooseneck trailer used to transport our gear.

Corporate sponsorships may be rewarded per the included schedule.