Weekly update

Hello everyone! Thank you to all who supported the Choral students at the musical this weekend! It is great to see our students using their talents in so many fields. Thank you also to everyone who attended our meetings on Tuesday, for those who were unable to attend we will have a post later to discuss a little of what we spoke about at the Northen Lights and Starlights meeting. We only have a couple updates and our schedule. Make sure you check the calendar Tab for all up to date schedules. 

  • January Choir Fees are due this week! Please make sure you turn these into the choir office by the 15th. 
  • We still have lots of spots open for the Invitational, please sign up for a shift or two and share the sign up with your friends and family.
  • Our trophy sign up is getting filled fast, let’s see if we can sell the rest by the end of this week!!!
  • Northern Lights have Johnson Rehearsals Friday and Saturday. A parents will be in touch regarding meals.
  • All Choir Parent meeting will be on February 7th 

Monday: Northern Lights 1 to 5

Tuesday: Northern Lights 4-6 and Starlights 6:30 to 9:30

Wednesday: Northern Lights and Starlights 4-6

Thursday: Starlights 5:30-7:30 and Northern Lights 8-10

Friday: Northern Lights Johnson Rehearsal from 4-10

Saturday: Northern Lights Johnson Rehearsal from 9-5
Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up

Invitational Trophy Sponsorship


Hello everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that we have quite a few meetings this evening:

  • 7:30- All Choir Parent Meeting
  • Immediately following a brief All Choir Parent Meeting we have a Required Northern Lights and Starlights Parent Meeting
  • Immediately following that meeting, we have a Chaperone Meeting

We have done really good at Invitational Sign-Up and Trophy Sponsorships…we have 6 weeks left till the Invitational. Let’s see how many spots we can fill before the meeting tonight. Sign up yourself, your spouse, your family and send it to your friends to sign up too!

Have you sponsored a trophy yet? We only have 15 more trophies to sponsor…can get sell 5 before 7:30 tonight? WE CAN DO IT!!!

Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up

Invitational Trophy Sponsorship

Weekly Update

Hello everyone! We have a busy week ahead of us, so please look at the updates and be checking your Calendar Tab for weekly schedules πŸ™‚

  • Parents, Tuesday is a very busy night for you!!! We have the All Choir Parent monthly meeting at 7:30 PM in the Choir Room. This meeting will be important as the Invitational Chairs and directors will be sharing about the invitational.

  • Following the brief All Choir Parent Meeting, Mr. Barker will be having a REQUIRED Northern Lights and Starlights Parent Meeting in the Choir Room, we would like at least one representative from each show choir family to attend this meeting.

  • After the Northern Lights and Starlights meeting, Mr. Davis and Tracy Wallace will be conducting a chaperone meeting for all who are chaperoning this show choir season. We know this seems like a lot of meetings, but we are trying to condense things to save on multiple trips for those parents who have to be at all three meetings.

  • The January Choir Fee is just around the corner, please make sure you get in the Choir Fee into the office on time as it is important that we receive these to cover the bills coming in.

  • We have had a great turn out for Trophy Sponsorship!!! If you have not sponsored a trophy yet, please click the link below and do it today!!! All checks need to be made payable to MMPA with the Student who sold the trophy in the memo line. Checks can be dropped off in the Choir Office!

  • Invitational is just around the corner and that means we are looking for volunteers. As many of you know, this can not be done without those of you who attend and work. This is a great opportunity to show Northridge Hospitality and meet new choir parents. Please click the link below to sign up today for a shift, or two, or three. If you know alumni or family members that would like to sign up, please send them the link or have them go to the Invitational Tab to sign-up. We appreciate all the help that we can get πŸ™‚

  • Northridge Drama and Choral Department will be performing the Music Man on January 14th at 7 PM and January 15th at 2 PM. This is a great opportunity for choir students to receive and elective and for the community to support all of our great choir students who have been working hard towards this great production.


Invitational Volunteer Sign-Up

Invitational Trophy Sponsorship


Monday: Northern Lights from 6:30 to 9:30

Tuesday: Northern Lights from 4:00 to 6:00, Starlights from 6:30 to 9:30 and ALL The Choir Parent Meetings listed above

Wednesday: Northern Lights and Starlights from 4:00 to 6:00

Thursday: Starlights 5:30 to 7:30 and Northern Lights from 8:00 to 10:00

Friday: Enjoy time with your family

Saturday: Music Man at 7:00 PM

Sunday: Music Man at 2:00 PM


Happy New Year from the Choir Department

We wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year! We are sure you all are enjoying your time off and relaxing as we prepare for a very busy few months ahead. As we sit and think of what 2017 will bring us, we have a great idea for how you could start the New Year….sponsoring a Northridge Choral Invitational Trophy!!! We have lots left to be sponsored, so talk to your friends, family and employer and get a trophy sponsored today πŸ™‚

Northridge Choral Invitational Trophy Sponsor Sign-Up

Weekly Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in the post this week, I was waiting to get all the information from the directors before we posted for the week. There is a lot of information to look over, so please pay close attention to what is going on πŸ™‚

We hope you are all having a wonderful break filled with lots of rest and time with your family! We are very proud of the work our students have done up to this point in the year, and are very excited about the semester to come!

  • Varsity Lights had a GREAT start to their school year. We are looking forward to singing at the Goshen College Men’s Chorus Festival on Sunday, February 5 (details to come soon), and to participating in the ISSMA Concert Choir State Qualifications for the first time!

  • Lyric Lights is off to an incredible start to their year. They will hit the ground running with new music in January as we prepare for competition season.

  • Many students from all choirs will be participating in ISSMA Solo and Ensemble on Saturday, January 28th. Most of them are already working on their music. We wish them the best of luck as we prepare for that day!

  • Both show choirs and the backup band are off and running as we get ready for our first competition in just 7 weeks!! We are very excited to put our shows out there this year!

    Speaking of Show Choir, there are a few announcements/reminders we would like to go over for Northern Lights and Starlights:

    Christmas Break Rehearsal Schedule is as follows:

    Thurs. 12/29 – NL Ladies 2-4pm, NL Men 4-6pm

    Sat. 12/31 – SL 10am-2pm

    Mon. 1/2 – NL 3:30-6:30pm

    Tues. 1/3 – SL 6:30-9:30pm

    Additionally, each group has a practice assignment to do over the vacation.

  • Northern Lights was handed their assignment before break began.

  • The Starlights sheet has been uploaded to their Google Drive, and BOTH sheets are now attached to this post.

  • Students and Parents: Please know that this is NOT intended to be a stress or burden to you. However, both groups have set very high goals for themselves and their teammates this year and want to hold themselves to high standards. This will help us do just that, if done with the right intent, this will help take our groups to the next level.

  • Parents, we are asking you to help keep your student accountable for his/her practice time. The time requirements listed on the sheets are only the minimum…certainly, you can practice more! All rehearsal files are now on the website under the “Student Files” tab.

  • Below, attached to this post (and updated on the choir Calendar Tab) is an updated Calendar for NL and SL (NLO and LW TBA) for January through March. As we enter our competition season, each student is expected to be at each rehearsal for the full time unless specific arrangements have been made with Mr. Barker ahead of time (extreme circumstances only). Please adhere to the policy regarding conflicts and communication of conflicts in a timely manner.

  • A reminder to ALL COMPETING CHORAL STUDENTS (NL, SL, LL) that, in order to be eligible to compete, students must maintain an average GPA of 2.0 or higher. By Feb. 1, any student not meeting the required GPA will be pulled from our first competition and will not be allowed to compete until the grade comes back up. We do this not as a punishment, but to encourage good academic habits and to teach balancing multiple time-consuming tasks at once, a skill that will serve our students well after they graduate from NHS.

  • The next Choral Parent Meeting is on January 10 @ 7:30pm. We are asking that all show choir parents attend so that we can discuss competition season as well as other matters pertaining specifically to our show choirs. The general parent meeting will end a little early to accommodate this. Immediately following this show choir parent meeting, we will have our chaperones stay for a brief overview of our expectations of chaperones during competition season.

  • Students – We can’t thank you enough for your hard work last semester. We are so excited to see where the groups go this semester. Enjoy your break, and come back ready to knock down some brick walls and take our shows to the next level!

  • Parents – Without you, our department would not be what it is. Our students would simply not have the successes they do if it weren’t for your dedication, time, and commitment to us and to your students. These next several weeks will be VERY tough for many of them…and many of them may be very discouraged. We ask that, when they come to you, that you be encouraging and uplifting. This is the time of year when a positive environment with students, parents, and staff is crucial to the success of our students. We greatly appreciate your help with this and your continued support of our students.

  • If you have not sponsored a Trophy, please click the Trophy Sponsorship in the Invitational Tab…this is an easy way for your student to make money and to get support for the Choral Department

Everyone – Rest up, eat a lot of food, and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

Northern Lights Break Assignment

Starlights Break Assignment

Northern Lights Rehearsal Schedule

Starlights Rehearsal Schedule

Trophy Sponsorship Sign-Up

Last-Minute Elective Opportunity for All Choir Students

Attention all NHS Choir students!

If you are still in need of an elective for this semester, Mr. Barker and Mrs. Yoder are offering one more opportunity to get credit. Β The a cappella group Pentatonix will be performing on NBC this evening at 8pm. Β You must watch the performance in its entirety and write a one page paper describing the performance according to the guidelines set forth for a listening log.

Good luck!

Trophy Sponsorship

Hello everyone! We are doing Trophy Sponsorship once again for the Invitational. By sponsoring a trophy, the sponsor will get there name on the trophy and be announced throughout the Invitational on February 18th.

If you go to the Invitational Tab and click on Trophy Sponsorship there are forms that you can print off and fill out for the Sponsorship. Please make all checks payable to MMPA and in the memo mark it as Trophy Sponsorship. Every trophy that a student sells, 15% of the trophy cost will go into their student account.

After you sponsor a trophy, please click the link below and mark it as taken and in the comment section, write down the student who sold the trophy and who the trophy is being sponsored by. For example if Claire got Subway to sponsor a trophy. I would go and mark it online as sponsored and in the comment section I would write Claire Davis, Middlebury Subway.

For any questions, please contact Mr. Davis πŸ™‚


Trophy Sponsorship Link

Some ideas of who to sponsor:

  • Family
  • Clubs
  • Organizations
  • Class (Sponsored by the Senior Class, Junior Class etc.)
  • Memorials