Updated post on fittings

Mrs. Yaney is no longer doing any fittings.  We will have someone in the costume shop from 5:30 to 8:30 PM tonight only.  Please try to make it sometime in this time frame.  If you cannot, please let us know and we will make alternate arrangements with you.

Again deepest apologies.  I know this has been confusing and frustrating.  Thank you for being patient with us!


Northern Lights, Starlights, Lyric Lights and Varsity Lights fittings for 2018-2019

All fittings for Show Choir for next year 2018-2019 will be from 2-6 Monday and 2-6 Tuesday in the costume shop.  If you are currently in one of these choirs (and will be again next year) and are at the high school you may stop by if you have a study hall or lunch during that time frame.  Mrs. Yaney will be doing the measurements.  Incoming freshman in the show choirs for next year can come after school, up until 6:00 PM.  Thank You.

Spring Concert Friday, May 18, 2018

I have been told that there are still about 5 full rows on each side of the back of the auditorium still for sale.  Apparently  I was given misinformation about the tickets being almost sold out.  My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.

Tracy Wallace ~ Website Coordinator


Spring Concert Volunteers

Our final concert for the year is approaching on May 18, 2018.  We are still in need of 5 Ushers and 2 for ticket sales.  Please follow the link below to volunteer! I believe this concert is already sold out for the floor seating (which are assigned seats).  Thank you!

Spring Concert Volunteer Signup

In regards to the Spring Concert, there will be DVD’s and BluRay available to order.  The form will be posted on the website so that you may preorder your copy.  Forms will also be available the night of the concert.  You may fill one out at that time and place your order with your payment.  Checks will be made payable to Michiana Video.  Any forms must be turned in by Monday the 21st of May at the VERY latest in order to get your copy before the end of the school year.   I’m not sure of the price for each, but that also will be posted when the form is posted.

Mrs. Yoder has asked to borrow raincoats.  She would like to borrow approximately 25 ladies raincoats (in assorted colors) for a number for the ladies in the show.  These coats will be hung on a rack when they are finished with the number so that you may retrieve your raincoat before you leave!


Don’t forget the LAST MMPA meeting of this school year!  The meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday May 8th at 7:3 PM in the choir room!